Szarvas Zoo

Szarvas Zoo - The fauna of the Carpathian Basin in one place

Szarvas Zoo is the most frequented visitor centre of the Körös-Maros National Park Directorate located at Szarvas, Anna Gardens. More than 40.000 guests visit the zoo and the exhibition year by year.

Our visitors can meet here with the wildlife species of the Carpathian Basin in the past and at present. Guests can find aquariums in the visitor centre of the zoo with native and invasive fish species in them. There runs a 2100 meters long walkway around the Anna Gardens with voliers, paddocks along it. The zoo lies in natural environment under the native forest of the ox-bow of Körös River. The oldest inhabitant of the gardens is a more than 300 years old oak tree, called ‘Lonovics’.

Here live more than hundred individuals of 50 protected and game species. The main attractions of the zoo are the European Bisons, ‘Panni’ the Moose, the wolves and the Griffon Vultures. On the artificial lake our visitors can see more than 15 species of geese and ducks.

The favourite place of the children are the petting zoo and the playground.

There is a two-storeyed, interactive exhibition in the visitor centre of the zoo which shows the nature values of the Körös-Maros National Park.

After preliminary registration excursional groups and families can resort guided tours and pre-release showing too. Lovers of active tourism may rent bicycles and canoes for discovering the nature and historical values of Szarvas and the floodplain of Körös River. On the Kingfisher water-trail our guest can come to know many intresting information about the wildlife of the ox-bow of Körös-River.

In the Tölgy-büfé (Oak Buffet) our visitors can taste some local handmade delicasies like sausages made from Hungarian Grey Cattle’s meat, or wild flower honeys, special jams and syrups or the Great Bustard Beer in four different flavouring. All these delicasies have the trademark of National Park Products.

Be our guest in Szarvas Zoo! Discover the wildlife of the Carpathian Basin and the Körös-Maros National Park!